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How does Co Codamol work

International Association for Pain Studies refers to pain as an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience resulting from potential or actual tissue damage. Pain may make you uncomfortable and signal or alert you of a possible underlying medical issue. Therefore, choosing the appropriate pain reliever to alleviate the pain and get back to your normal life and routine will be vital.

Experts recommend Co Codamol as an effective drug to relieve your various pains. This painkiller constitutes a mixture of paracetamol and codeine phosphate, which effectively relieves varying types and severities of the pain. You can easily purchase this potent painkiller from the numerous online or physical dispensaries across the United Kingdom. This article discusses everything you need to understand about painkillers, including how to buy Co Codamol UK.

What Conditions Does Co Codamol Treat?

It's an effective opioid-based analgesic compound effective in treating mild or moderate pain. Co-Codamol is a better alternative to the numerous over-the-counter painkillers. You can use it to alleviate your pain resulting from injuries or after surgeries. Furthermore, the drug also effectively treats muscular pains, aches, dental arches, or migraines.

Currently, most experts recommend it as a second-line painkiller or treatment option for cancer pains. You can use this potent painkiller to treat your severe pains to prevent their adverse consequences in your daily routine. The components in the drugs allow you to manage your pain and other symptoms to allow you to get control and enhance your quality of life.

How Co Codamol Works

Co-codamol has two active ingredients, codeine phosphate and paracetamol, that work cordially to alleviate your pain. Codeine phosphate works by targeting the CNS neuronal opioid receptors. These receptors transmit information to the brains, and neurotransmitters' inhibitions or stimulation regulates their activities. These activities may result in emotional regulation, pain management, sedation, alertness, etc.

Co-codamol works by acting on the action of potential nociceptors that cause pain as they transmit the information to the brain. After ingesting this painkiller, it'll metabolize into morphine and bind with the opioid receptors. The binding of the drug to the receptors increases the pain threshold reducing the brain's pain perception. This process alleviates the pain symptoms by decreasing the noxious action rates along the C fibers in the CNS.

What Duration Does Co Codamol Take to Work?

After ingestion, the gastrointestinal tract absorbs these components rapidly, as they have a 90% bioavailability. The higher bioavailability shows that the body will only lose 10% of the tablets through the first metabolism. Remember, the food you take doesn't affect the bioavailability or absorption levels. However, it may take approximately 60 minutes before feeling the effects of this medication.

The duration the drug component reaches peak plasma concentration may vary due to the metabolism rate, weight, and height. Experts reveal that this painkiller has a 4 to 6-hour duration action, which allows you to enjoy its benefits despite the short three-hour half-life elimination. Remember, the elimination half-life duration is the total time the body takes to metabolize half of the medications and eliminate them.

Co-codamol Dosage

The right and exact Co-codamol varies depending on your condition and its severity. Furthermore, the duration you want to take the drug will also guide the proper dosage. You can choose the lowest doses, approximately 30/500 mg, for mild or moderate pain. When having acute pain, choosing one or two tablets will be effective, where you can take the tablets throughout the day to treat your chronic pains.

Nevertheless, when taking multiple or higher doses, it'll be appropriate to space them evenly throughout the day. It'll be wise to understand that taking too much paracetamol is usually harmful to your liver, while higher codeine doses result in respiratory issues. Importantly, you start from the lowest doses, 15/500 mg, before increasing to prevent the habit-forming properties and tolerance. Increased tolerance or addiction reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Potential Side Effects of Using Co-codamol

Before you buy Co Codamol UK, it'll be imperative to understand the possible side effects. The codeine constituents in this painkiller results in more side effects than paracetamol. Some of the side effects are mild & common, while some are severe and rare. It'll be vital to understand the appropriate ways to control them should they arise after taking the drug. The common side Co-codamol side effects include:

Loss of appetite

Feeling sick

Feeling sleepy

Dry mouth

Feeling drowsy


The painkillers may also cause adverse side effects that require you to stop taking the medication and seek medical intervention. These side effects include:

Delusions or hallucinations

Skin rashes

Difficulty urinating

Vision changes

Difficulty breathing


Swelling face and lips

Additional Information to Understand before Buying Co-codamol

Experts advise that you use these tablets as a short-term treatment alternative to prevent high tolerance levels resulting from long-term usage. Higher and long-term usage of this painkiller causes physical dependence and habit-forming properties. Essentially, take the painkiller less than thrice a week and ensure you space out the doses evenly. Remember, the drugs come with withdrawal symptoms like pains, insomnia, chills, vomiting, nausea, or aches. You can control or prevent these symptoms by taking the painkiller in the short term or consider tapering off when having long-term usage.

Purchasing Co-codamol in the UK

When looking for Codamol tablets in the UK, you can either buy them online or get one from a physician. Many individuals prefer to buy Co Codamol UK online as it's convenient and cost-effective, as you don't have to worry about scheduling an appointment with your general practitioner. However, before purchasing these tablets from the online vendors, ensure they are reputable and provide the right medication and dosage.

Final Thoughts

Living with mild or chronic pain can be debilitating or severely impact your health and quality of life. Nonetheless, you can consider the co-codamol painkiller that contains paracetamol and codeine components to help alleviate your different pains. You can buy Co Codamol UK online or get a prescription from a general physician. After getting the drug, it's essential to consider the appropriate dosage amount and length to enhance optimal results and reduce the adverse side effects.

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